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Kazuyo Masuda

When Kazuyo Masuda, MA, isn’t trying to match Mexican food with a bottle of Italian wine, she does fieldwork and heads up projects. She has conducted ethnography in Australia, Brazil, China, Hong Kong, India, Japan, the Philippines, Spain, Taiwan, and the US.

Kazuyo, who lives in Boston, has two, yes two, Master’s degrees: one in Sociology and one in Communications. She has worked in a number of subject areas, including social welfare, gender issues, race and ethnic relations, stereotypes in mass media, retail and in-home ethnography, women’s health, and medical research, including clinical trials. She has contributed a sociological perspective to medical research at Dartmouth Medical School and has worked extensively in the health arena for a variety of companies and around a variety of illnesses and woes: even pet health.

Although she has been known to be a taskmaster and has been feared by our fieldworkers in the past, she has mellowed in more recent years.


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