Some past work

Some past ethnographic projects: Tea ceremony“Our team was amazed how in a short period of time Ethnographic Research uncovered profound and actionable consumer insights. For months before this study, we had been ‘on the road and behind the glass’ in traditional research with scores of consumers, yet still felt in a rut. The ethnography work provided a quantum leap in addressing our consumer conundrum. We believe this knowledge gives us a real competitive advantage in a challenging marketplace.”

-Senior Product Manager of a major pharmaceutical company

Our projects have included subject areas and locales that have left us with a broad, sweeping collection of stories and “days in the life” of ordinary people around the world doing common, and sometimes wholly uncommon, things. We’ve done research in homes, at veterinary clinics, in cars, in offices, even in operating rooms and critter-infested crawlspaces. Each project provides new and different thrills and challenges, and we’re always eagerly awaiting whatever might be down the road.
Here is a sample of our diverse client set.

Food and Beverage

Consumer Durables

Health Care



Collaborations with Other Consultancies/Agencies

Other Clients

We have also been involved in countless not-for-profit, personal and academic research endeavors. Our researchers have been studying society and culture for most of their adult lives. We have a passion for ethnography and we carry it with us even when we aren’t working.

Here is a video overview of some of the subjects we’ve studied:

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