Who we are

What makes us different?

Focus on ethnography

We’re not just getting on the ethnography bandwagon. We’re driving it. Other companies have ethnography as one of a dozen or so services they offer. Ethnography is all we do and all we’ve ever done. That’s commitment.


We are academically trained ethnographers. We are not just interviewers or ex-focus group moderators—we went to school for this. All of our field leads have at least a Master’s degree in a social science that relies on ethnographic methods. The benefit of their education and training is a deeper understanding of best ethnographic practices as well as an ability to frame our findings thoroughly in their proper cultural context, steeped in the knowledge of the centuries old tradition of social and cultural theory.

Various backgrounds

All of our ethnographers have different areas of interests and specialties. This means that each of our members brings a unique perspective to the project, which helps us to have a holistic understanding of “what’s going on.”

We do our own work

We don’t farm projects out to ethnographers we’re not familiar with. Our team has worked with each other for over a decade now. We’re a small team who handles a manageable number of projects. If projects come along that stretch our resources too far, instead of staffing them with unknowns, we simply turn them down.

Finely tuned process

Over the years, we have systematized our process of sample selection, data collection and analysis. This systematic approach ensures that we deliver actionable data for our clients in an agreeable timeframe. We think we provide results as quickly as real ethnographers possibly could.

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