What is ethnography good for?

Ethnography is good for uncovering those “a-ha” findings that other market research methodologies cannot. We work inductively, meaning we enter the field with open minds and open research protocols. This helps break down the boundaries of what we can find, and we end up finding things that we and our clients could never have dreamt of finding.

Ethnography is good when you have a problem, but you don’t know where to start to understand the solution. Ethnography is exploratory, but it can be tactical, too. It can tackle very specific problems and meet very specific goals.

Ethnography is also good for bringing your segmentation to life—by putting faces and voices to the data. You can do this after your large quantitative segmentation study. Sometimes you will be surprised to see how different your customers are compared to who you imagined they would be based on your quantitative data.

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