Long, open-ended interviews

“To interview patients in their own environment allowed us to see the tension between what patients say (the stated) and what they do (the observed). These tensions are often a rich opportunity area.”

-Manager at a pharmaceutical company

Long open-ended interviews: Picture of shoes from ethnography in AtlantaLong, open-ended interviews are one of the key methods that ethnography utilizes and we elevate the open-ended interview to an art form.

We go into the field without a set-in-stone protocol. We allow our participants to tell their story their own way. This method, essential to an ethnographic approach, grabs at more urgent truths—both the tip of the tongue stuff and the deep stuff that comes out after they realize we really are interested in their take on things. The freedom to let people tell their stories in their own words is what makes our job so much fun – and your results so exciting!

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