Health and illness

“[ERI provided] the entire staff from strategists to technologists a more realistic view of health behavior from day-to-day and the contextual variables that shape it.”

-Health care consultant

Ethnography of health and illnessEthnography is great for understanding the context of health and illness, and our past projects are a testament to that. We have worked with a diverse group of pharmaceutical, consumer product, and food and beverage companies in the area of health and illness. These projects have had different research arenas with different end goals, but they all needed to understand where their products and services fit in to the complex relationship between culture and health, people and their bodies.

Our experience with health and illness allows us to approach these issues with a strong theoretical grounding and with an ability to jump the steep hurdles usually involved. We often deal with sensitive topics, in sensitive settings, and we know how to do the work effectively and ethically.

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