Years and years of experience

If you had hired us back when we started in 2001 and hired us again today, you’d see some familiar faces. That’s because we have had the same core group of ethnographers all those years, and during that time we have observed countless contexts and met and learned the stories of a dizzying number of people around the world. All of that research has certainly made us better fieldworkers, ready for just about anything our clients might have in store for us, but it also gives us an analytical edge on each new project we tackle.

texttoiletHaving seen the experiences of so many people and learned about so many aspects of their lives, common threads between our projects have naturally emerged, general insights about everyday life and social contexts that aren’t necessarily specific to any individual project. We have seen so many things change and unfold. For example, we have been able to follow how things like raising a child or preparing a meal have changed in the last five, ten, or fifteen years. We can see how HCP/patient interactions vary among specific specialties and different disease states. We know a thing or two about how families juggle schedules, how they get from point A to point B, and what they do to have fun. We even remember what consumer experiences were like before smartphones and have followed their impact on how we interact with and interpret our worlds. We have a solid grounding in some of life’s overarching categories like family, work, stress, health, and consumption. All of this gives us a running start for each project we do.

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